Cambridgeshire Churches

The Best Churches in Cambridgeshire?

birds roosting at sunset on the spire of Fen Drayton
Any such judgment is thoroughly subjective, of course. This is really just a list of my favourite churches - taken from those that I have visited so far. I claim no universal validity for the selection and, since they will be made on the basis of a whole plethora of different factors, I can't really give any methodology save that these are the ones I liked when I visited them. But then, this is my website, so I suppose it's allowed. Here, then, are

Ben's top ten Cambridgeshire churches:

Duxford St John

For comparison, I also include another couple of lists. Simon Jenkins, in his book England's Thousand Best Churches (Penguin 1999) is rather unimpressed, and places none of his top hundred churches in Cambridgeshire (that is, four stars or above). Still, his ratings are interesting:

Simon Jenkins' top Cambridgeshire churches

A rather earlier selection can be found in the Collins Guide to English Parish Churches (Collins, 1958) which was edited by John Betjeman. The section for Cambridgeshire is written by Peter Eden, F.S.A:

Peter Eden's top Cambridgeshire churches

If I come across any more authors who give a list of 'best' Cambridgeshire churches, I'll put them up here.

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