sat on the steps of the capella in the Campo of SienaI was born in Shropshire during the cold January of 1963 - infamous in post-war Britain for it's deep snow - at 11.47 in the morning.

A few brief details for the insatiable: until I was 18 I lived in Shrewsbury where I infested Priory Boys Grammar School, wore oak leaf chaplets and spent my lunchtimes wandering around old streets looking at old houses and forming a life long (so far) attachment to the remembering of Things Gone. That is sort of connected to a later move to Lancaster to read Ancient History, Archaeology and Latin - which rather tied me to the Classics Department, shortly afterwards devastated by thatcherite cuts. So I left the university, but lived fairly happily in Lancaster for another few years. During that time I became more politicised in many ways, joining the Liberal Party and engaging in lots of nefarious activity against the administration of the time - here I am at Pride in 1987.

Later I moved to Barton on Humber to do a History and Politics Degree at Hull - which was by far the most interesting and challenging academic work I have done. After graduation there was an extended trip around the world via India, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. On my return I "eventually" moved to London in 1996 and have been here ever since. I support decrepit billing and provisioning systems as my way of paying for frequent trips to the Republic of Siena and other such Places.

I am married to a small russian.

/me waves to the other half of his soul - he knows who he is...

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